WordWorld: Lucky Duck - آموزش زبان انگلیسی برای کودکان

تماشای آنلاین و دانلود نیم بها : اینترنت مصرفی و ترافیک دانلودی شما بر روی آسان دانلود نیم‌بها محاسبه می گردد.

In Word World, set in a lush landscape filled with funny barnyard animals, the messages are clearer: because each animal is graphically spelled out, kids can watch as the letters P-I-G form that porcine creature. Even the scenery gets in on the act- a barn, a tree, a splash in the lake. When animals take time to build a word (always a moment of great expectation and jubilation), you can actually witness the little wheels working in the viewers\' heads. After just one viewing, a 4-year-old who\'s always struggled with her letters volunteered to spell a new word: B-O-X. Presents don\'t get any better than that. Entertainment Weekly
Radio Read-a-Thon: Duck asks Frog to read his favorite book on Ant s radio station but what happens when Frog\'s tongue gets tangled? Duck\'s First Sleepover Party: Duck attends his first WordFriend sleepover party and discovers a B-E-D can be just as comfy as a nest. Pig\'s big Moonlight Feast: When Pig is too sick to cook a special feast, Duck and Dog help out-and almost ruin the meal in the process! Through rhythm, Duck learns that a quick change of a letter can turn a fiasco into a feast. V is for Vacation: Duck goes on a wild goose chase to learn what letter he needs to take him to his winter vacation.